Lana Tyler







Lana Tyler

Lana Tyler

Livermore, CO



Lana is a self taught artist who has drawn animals, especially horses, for as long as she can remember. She won several awards in high school and later in local shows in Indiana. Her love of animals led to a degree in Forestry and Wildlife Management from Purdue University. Since college, Lana’s career has taken her all over the country with the National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service. Even though art took a backseat during this time, Lana compiled an impressive photo library on which to base future paintings. She is now retired and starting a second career as an artist. Since reconnecting with art, Lana has been juried into several local and Regional shows. She also has a small gallery space in the Pearl and Mustard Seed Gallery in Old Town Fort Collins, CO. Lana is a member of the Artists Association of Northern Colorado and the Longmont Artists Guild. She has taken workshops from Heather Coen and Karen Ramsey. Paint the Parks is Lana’s first National Show. Prints of her entry “Half Dome Reflections” and other art work are available through Fine Art America’s website. She is also available for commissions of pets, horses and wildlife. She lives in Northern Colorado with her dogs, horses and other pets who along with the beautiful scenery and local wildlife, serve as subjects for her paintings.


Honey by Lana Tyler


Bighorn Ram by Lana Tyler


Thanks for the Ride by Lana Tyler


RUN by Lana Tyler



Prairie Dogs by Lana Tyler


Barrel Racer by Lana Tyler


Weimaraner by Lana Tyler


Rocky Mountain Stream by Lana Tyler


Norlonna by Lana Tyler


Uhura by Lana Tyler


Spock by Lana Tyler


Meditations by Lana Tyler


It's Like Nothing We've Seen Before by Lana Tyler


Bull Elk by Lana Tyler


Bear Lake by Lana Tyler


Nikita Lobo by Lana Tyler


Yes This is MY Toy by Lana Tyler


Amoni Rose by Lana Tyler


Mule Deer Buck by Lana Tyler


Visions of Spring by Lana Tyler


Brookfield Memories by Lana Tyler


Chimaya and Dakota by Lana Tyler


Cooper by Lana Tyler


Half Dome Reflections by Lana Tyler


We Wuv Big Brudder by Lana Tyler